Generation CUV

It’s hard to believe how much equipment can fit into a CUV and how noble a compact holiday vehicle can look. In the BOXSTAR 600, we combine state‐of‐the‐art technology such as LED lighting, closed insulation with comfort features from the upmarket motorhome sector. With full‐body construction furniture, soft‐touch trim and various bathroom variants, we ensure high living comfort with extremely compact dimensions and highly dynamic handling. That makes the BOXSTAR 600 a star on country roads, a star on the motorway and a star for a whole CUV GENERATION!

Download Hi-Res Version Here

Configuration - KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 STREET 60 Years - 11105198-1Configuration - KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 STREET 60 Years - 11105198-2Configuration - KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 STREET 60 Years - 11105198-3Configuration - KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 STREET 60 Years - 11105198-4Configuration - KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 STREET 60 Years - 11105198-5Configuration - KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 STREET 60 Years - 11105198-6


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