The TI with a lifting bed

It’s nice to have a lifting bed, even nicer if you can’t see it. Just like in the KNAUS SKY WAVE. The heavenly dreaming area is perfectly integrated into the ceiling and offers you more than enough room to sleep. We have given the motorhome a modern interior design so that it is optically on an excellent level as well – for even more aha experiences when getting in. It unites all the advantages of the KNAUS SKY TI and, with its sweeping silhouette, also ensures a particularly dynamic appearance. Always good for a wave of enthusiasm, from inside and outside!

Download Hi-Res Version Here

Configuration - Motorhomes SKY WAVE 650 MEG 60 YEARS - 11120872-1Configuration - Motorhomes SKY WAVE 650 MEG 60 YEARS - 11120872-2Configuration - Motorhomes SKY WAVE 650 MEG 60 YEARS - 11120872-3Configuration - Motorhomes SKY WAVE 650 MEG 60 YEARS - 11120872-4Configuration - Motorhomes SKY WAVE 650 MEG 60 YEARS - 11120872-5Configuration - Motorhomes SKY WAVE 650 MEG 60 YEARS - 11120872-6


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