The agile model

We’ve made the KNAUS VAN TI big enough for real motorhome feeling but compact enough for winding coastal roads. With its dynamic frame look, it attracts everyone’s attention in no time at all. The attention to detail is reflected inside and outside in beautiful contours and numerous applications in finest leather look. The slim motorhome is only 2.20 metres wide with all its equipment and, as the lightest vehicle in its class, will inspire all those who value large payload reserves. Truly one of the very few sights under 3.5 tons!

Download Hi-Res Version Here

Configuration - KNAUS VAN TI 650 MEG VANSATION - 11122002-1Configuration - KNAUS VAN TI 650 MEG VANSATION - 11122002-2Configuration - KNAUS VAN TI 650 MEG VANSATION - 11122002-3Configuration - KNAUS VAN TI 650 MEG VANSATION - 11122002-4Configuration - KNAUS VAN TI 650 MEG VANSATION - 11122002-5Configuration - KNAUS VAN TI 650 MEG VANSATION - 11122002-6


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