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It's our wish to provide you with a personal service using the knowledge and skills we have accumulated over many years to ensure that you secure the motorhome or camper that is right for you.

If you don't see what you are looking for in our stock list, please call us to discuss your requirements.

I have been best friends with Tim since our school days and have vicariously lived his motorhome adventures and shared his passion for the motorhome industry over many years.

My career has largely been corporate based and I have been responsible for mentoring numerous technology start-up companies worldwide. However, the urge to join my dearest friend in the motorhome industry has ultimately proved too strong to resist and so here we are working side by side to bring high quality motorhomes and campers to a discerning public.

The prestige and pedigree of the Nick Whale Sports Cars business has been seamlessly translated into our motorhome and camper sales. This is reflected in our attention to detail, presentation of our hand-picked stock and levels of customer service. I am proud to be part of this expert, professional team and look forward to welcoming you at our showroom.

Tim Porter

Business Manager & Sales Specialist

I have to admit to being an outdoor type and have been living the dream for over 20 years.
Initially I used to holiday in a caravan, but I now have a T5 Camper and on occasion I am known to use a tent. As long as it's warm and dry I enjoy that just as much.

My children grew up playing hide and seek and football till dusk, on many sites in the UK and Europe whilst I enjoyed a flame barbequed steak accompanied by a glass (or bottle) of something, restfully watching nightfall approach, so trust me I know what it's all about.

I'm completely in tune with all the reasons why people buy a motorhome and there's nothing like sharing experiences with people who are like minded, I'm sure between us we will have plenty to share.

Before I came to work at Nick Whale Motorhomes, I was a Business Manager at a local caravan dealer in my home town of Kenilworth, and prior to that a time served engineer in the aerospace industry. I am pleased to be able to bring this expertise to Nick Whale Motorhomes as the Business Manager for Black Horse Finance.

I now consider myself to be very lucky, because here at Nick Whale Motorhomes we provide and promote what I love best, being outside under the stars with a touch of convenience and luxury.

So now I'm not only living the dream I'm selling it too!

Paul 'Woody' Woodward

Sales Specialist

I've been in the Motor Trade since 1979, starting in the Parts Department before moving to Car Sale in 2000.

I obviously jumped at the chance to work for Nick Whale Motorhomes when it was offered..

 I am now able to enjoy all the latest fabulous models and meet many like-minded people, staff and customers alike.

I have always had a passion for Motorhomes and Campers and as a "petrol head" I enjoy the technical side, including working on and upgrading my own Fiat based coachbuilt when I can.

I very much enjoy the lifestyle, the open road travelling and I can often be found on Facebook pages sharing my experiences whilst also attending events such as Shell Island in Wales where I meet many Camping and Motorhome friends.

My first camper was a Bedford CF Dormobile which I purchased in 1986 and used to tow my off road racer.

When I'm not tinkering or using my Motorhomes I am often found to be flying my Microlight around the country with friends and camping whenever possible all over the UK and France.

Combining my 18 plus years in the industry with my enthusiasm and passion, I can't wait to sit down with you and talk all things motorhome related!

Attila Danko

Technical Support and After-Sales Manager

+44 (0) 1386 870 852 attila.danko@nickwhale.com

I've been working in the after sales and customer support sphere for over 12 years. My personal policy is... if something is wrong, make it good... If something is good, make it better. For many, motorhomes are synonyms for a way of life, freedom and great adventures. For me and my team, they are also great and complex machines. We are interested and intrigued by the new systems and solutions and keep up to date with the latest technologies and systems in the world of motorhomes. We are the guys in the background who work passionately to ensure you'll enjoy your adventures and make great memories. Happy camping everyone! 

Narinder Webb

After-Sales Administrator

+44 (0) 1386 870 852

After working for Porsche, in the events industry for over 10 years, I was ready for a completely new challenge at Nick Whale Motorhomes. The rest of the team here, are incredibly down to earth and made me feel at home immediately. From a young age, I had a great interest in the automotive industry and my career has always represented this. My role here is to assist the customer through the entire process, from purchase to handover in whatever they may need. I hope to spend many more years here with the team.

Dan Croxford

Hire Department Co-Ordinator / Photographer

As a creative I believe that connecting with people is incredibly important.

I’ve worked within a Digital Media environment for over 6 years and my mission at Nick Whale Motorhomes is to ensure you gain a real sense of what owning your desired motorhome is like before you actually purchase it, or even see it in person.

Exploration is a huge element of my life and I’ll always be up for having a chat about where you’ve been or where you plan on going. If you have any recommendations on places I should visit then feel free to tell me!

I aim to immerse you into our world like never before and make you feel like part of the family.

Peter Costello

Hand-Over Specialist

I have been enjoying the world of camping and caravanning since my early childhood. These memories, and the passion for this way of life, have laid the foundations for my career choice in this industry.

As soon as I grew up, I was keen to purchase the very first caravan of my own. Since then, I have a huge store of great memories and adventures shared, dotted with the mandatory item “going wrong” on several of our “trouble-free” holidays. My wife thinks it is very handy to have an NCC approved technician on-board.

I have been working in the motorhome/caravan industry for 18 years. Due to my previous and on-going experiences from my private trips, and my numerous qualification courses, I am confident to say that I have sound and detailed product knowledge, including trouble shooting and repair skills.

Since I am a caravan user myself, it comes natural to me, to do my utmost to prepare the vehicles for our customers to my own high standards and expectations.

Shaun Bryant

Workshop Supervisor

My journey to the world of motorhomes started in a simple tent with my family when I was much younger… The great outdoors and a sense of adventure have definitely shaped my private and professional life. Today, I am an NCC approved, qualified and experienced motorhome/caravan technician with over 12 years of experience in building and repairing Auto-Sleeper motorhomes as their employee. I joined Nick Whale Motorhomes in 2016 to further enhance my knowledge of different make and models. Since Nick Whale Motorhomes are an authorised Auto-Sleepers dealer, it often feels like I am still part of the Auto-Sleepers family, working hand in hand with my old colleagues on many projects.

This detailed knowledge of Auto-Sleepers motorhomes helps me to advise customers regarding any extra equipment they would like to have installed to the motorhome and ensures the installation of these extras, and any repairs, are equal to factory standards.


Martin Bryant

Motorhome Technician

As many working in this industry, I too have a passion for the outdoors and have been enjoying camping holidays since I was a child.
I’ve joined the team here at Nick Whale Motorhomes in February 2017 after working in this industry for over 5 years. As After Sales Coordinator, one of my responsibilities is the customer handover, a task which I thoroughly enjoy. Should you purchase a motorhome from us, we’ll very likely meet at this point and I’ll be glad to show you around your newly purchased motorhome and explain how it all works.
My experience and training have allowed me to build up a good product knowledge and working hand in hand with our suppliers, I can advise you on the latest available equipment to make your motorhome suit your required needs. 
I look forward to meeting you during one of my “signature” handovers to ensure you get the very best ownership experience from your purchase at Nick Whale Motorhomes. 

Roy Colley

Commercial Vehicle Mechanic

I have had a background in motorhomes all my life. Before working here I worked at Auto-Sleeper for 13 years. Moving to Nick Whale Motorhomes really enabled me to immerse myself into my passion for motorhome mechanics, which was born through tinkering with cars as a young man and going on camping holidays with my family. My wealth of experience now allows me to get your motorhome back on the road as soon as possible. Nick Whale Motorhomes have given me my dream job, I really enjoy working here!

James Aston

Parts & Warranty Administrator

+44 (0) 1386 870 852

Every day is a School Day….

That is certainly the case in this industry as there is always something new to learn. Having progressed within the motor industry since 2006 in the parts sector, primarily with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, it was time to broaden my horizons. Nick Whale Motorhomes has the “family run business” feel about it, with colleagues who are more friends that work acquaintances. It’s the same with customers, nothing beats a chat about the football or the new movie out at the cinema. If you really want to impress, talk to me about Cichlids. Although not a motorhome owner, I enjoy hearing about your latest trips away, from Cornwall to the Orkney Islands, I’ve even heard some stories about heading to Lapland! Working in a joint Parts, Warranty and Service department is certainly varied and importantly ensures I have the knowledge required to look after our customers to the highest standard. Something that drives me to excellence within my role is a happy customer and a nice Google review

Katawut 'Pun' Soontrong


After arriving to UK I joined Nick Whale Motorhomes and the team quickly became my work family.
I had been involved in vehicle detailing prior to joining Nick Whale Motorhomes. The transition into the motorhome industry was unplanned but a very welcome challenge. Since working at Nick Whale Motorhomes, I’ve enjoyed valeting a great variety of motorhomes old and new, and the care and attention to detail I put into valeting and detailing each one, is always the same.
Seeing my efforts pay off when the motorhomes are lined up for sale gives me great pride and work satisfaction

Liz Matthews


Throughout my career, I have spent my time involved in the leisure sector. I have worked for a number of holiday companies and have enjoyed my time thoroughly. This is the first motorhome business that I have worked for and look forward to learning more about this industry. Working at a brilliant business like Nick Whale Motorhomes might just persuade me to try my first ever motor-homing holiday.

Steve Bellinger


Before joining Nick Whale Motorhomes, I enjoyed a varied career in engineering, but always had a keen interest in motorhomes as an owner and user.

I am now part of the Nick Whale team; dedicated to the valet preparation of our quality stock, both new and used.

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